Happy birthday, my dear Blog!!!

  • Happy birthday, my dear Blog!!!
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Happy birthday, my dear Blog!!!

Autorius: Aušra


This Blog is celebrating it”s first birthday!!! Well, it”s not the real one, because the first entry was make long time ago, but the recipes started to show up only year ago on May. So I think it”s the right time to celebrate ? And to have more fun, we can start celebrate MY birthday ? You can see my biggest present that I already got. Yes, it”s my beloved husband, who endeavoured to renew my blog face. Also, he said that it”s not the end and promised to make more good functions for the blog (we will see how it will come in the future ? ).

Now, the main changes:

  • new blog look (I like it much more than the old one)
  • from now on I will post everything in lithuanian and english
  • you can contact me directly 🙂
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